Law Firm Technology: Litify Launches Conferencing Solution for Lawyers In Response to Remote Work Demand

Law Firm Technology: Litify Launches Conferencing Solution for Lawyers In Response to Remote Work Demand 2
Law Firm Technology: Litify Launches Conferencing Solution for Lawyers In Response to Remote Work Demand 3

Uplink empowers lawyers to have instant virtual meetings with clients and colleagues, with automated transcriptions and video recordings for compliance and easy knowledge sharing

NEW YORK – April 21, 2020 – Litify announces the release of Uplink, an easy-to-use video conferencing solution that enables attorneys to securely communicate with clients, business partners, and colleagues

Uplink is fully integrated with Litify’s intuitive legal technology platform built on Salesforce. Litify empowers law firms and legal departments to seamlessly manage their legal matters, business operations, marketing, and client communications on a single cloud-based platform.
Uplink is the latest addition to Litify’s suite of mobile-friendly, legal technology products. In March, Litify launched LitifyGo, a quick-to-implement turnkey solution for remote law firms.

Since lawyers have been working from home amidst coronavirus public safety concerns, they have been forced to rethink how they communicate with clients, business partners, and employees. With in-person meetings no longer a possibility, Litify saw an immediate need for an
easy and secure video conferencing solution for attorney-client meetings, depositions, intakes, coordination with outside counsel, and more.

Launched in just a matter of weeks, Uplink is Litify’s answer to the communication obstacles lawyers are currently facing. Uplink is a fully integrated video communication feature in Litify, allowing lawyers to text or email a conferencing link to any party in order to have immediate face-to-face communication.

Featuring a user-friendly, intuitive design, the receiving party simply clicks on the invitation link to launch the video conference. No application downloads are required, and Uplink is mobile compatible with iOS and Android devices. Since Uplink is limited to two parties, it prevents
uninvited participants from joining, ensuring a secure experience.

In addition to making it as easy as possible for clients to talk with their lawyers, Uplink also offers valuable data for legal departments and law firms to improve client relationships. Lawyers can receive and save recordings and transcriptions from each conversation directly to the relevant matter or party in Litify. This eliminates the need to take notes during one-on-one meetings and allows relevant team members to easily refer back to previous client

“Litify has proudly helped law firms transition to a remote work environment through our mobile, cloud-based practice management platform,” said Litify CRO Terry Dohrmann. “But we wanted
to go one step further and ensure lawyers and clients weren’t missing out on crucial face-to-face conversations. To launch Uplink in record timing is a testament to Litify’s commitment to helping the legal industry through these turbulent times.”

“Like every other industry, legal professionals are rethinking how they communicate with clients and employees,” said Litify CEO Reuven Moskowitz. “There are a lot of video conferencing solutions out there, but we wanted to create a product that was as simple as possible for legal clients to use. No downloads or account registrations are required to use Uplink. Clients just click the link and they’re instantly talking with their lawyers. It’s that easy.”

About Litify
Founded in late 2016, Litify’s mission is to educate, inspire, and provide the tools to transform how legal services are provided. The singular platform streamlines and automates task management, document generation, intake management and client communications, while providing data-driven insights that help law firms scale and increase their bottom line. Built on Salesforce, Litify is a secure, extensible, and rapidly evolving platform.

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