Law Jobs Upsurge – Is the Law Jobs Decline Finished? – reports that new Labor Dept statistics show an increase in the number of law jobs over the same period last year.

The upheaval in the law job market is especially troubling for the many lawyers and law students who are ready to graduate this month but have no jobs to go to. The law jobs positon has been through some serious upheavals with the recession, law firm closures, shrinking departments and more.

Last week, in an article for The New Republic, University of Colorado law professor Paul Campos said the jobs picture is far more dismal than most law schools let on to students.

Law school employment statistics are flawed, Campos wrote–he says the National Association for Law Placement (NALP) and U.S. News and World Report often inflate graduate employment in the legal field. These reports–the ones students largely rely on–include temporary jobs and low-paying gigs that barely require a legal degree, Campos claims.

Whether the increase is lasting only time will tell. Keep tuned to the latest on law jobs at

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