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12 May 2011 – At a certain point shared hosting features are unable to deliver that level of services which a large corporate business websites necessitates. These further needs led the business web hosting industry towards the Cheap Dedicated Servers hosting in which an entire server machine is devoted for a website. While there are many ways to get your website online, hosting it on a managed, dedicated server has some distinct advantages that aren’t usually possible with cheaper shared hosting accounts.

There are many different types of software available, like send Optimizer and Ion cube, which make services like PHP function better and faster. With a managed dedicated server, you can choose which to install whereas with shared hosting accounts, you often don’t have that option, if you can use them at all.

Server management is a complex task that should only be done by knowledgeable professionals. Server security alone is a good reason to have a managed account, because many different server settings impact how secure the system is to threats, and professional hosting providers have experience in mitigating these types of attacks.

When you pay for server management, you’re essentially hiring a team of experts to help you with all of the complex tasks involving the server.

Typically, shared hosting providers offer poor support because they are dealing with many more customers who are not paying as much for their services. On top of that, they try to cram as many websites as possible onto a server so that they can make the most profit.

Shared servers also typically have strict rules in place regarding what you can and can’t do with the account. There is good reason for this since they want to avoid security problems like those mentioned above, but often times those rules can conflict with a script you want to run or service your website needs in order to run.

Most shared hosting providers are not flexible with regards to their system policies; which mean that you could be forced to upgrade if you run into a conflict, and upgrading could mean moving your entire website.

The advantage to having your own dedicated server is that you know exactly which websites are hosted on it, how much traffic they get, and how much of your server’s resources they use. Typically, managed dedicated servers can handle large traffic spikes with ease because their resources are not being pushed to the limit by server overcrowding. If you have a dedicated server, be sure to talk with your host about how much of your services resources are being used and be aware of when you should upgrade as traffic grows.

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