Law School Dean of Western State College of Law Retires

Allen K. Easley, dean of Western State College of Law at Westcliff University, has announced plans to retire following the 2022-2023 academic year. His decision comes after nine years in the position, during which he played an integral role in the law school’s success. 

During his tenure, Dean Easley has made strategic hires to support the development of the law school and ensure student access to top-notch instructors and resources. His advocacy for new programs, including the Master of Law and Compliance and a joint JD/MBA program with Westcliff University, provides students with second-to-none opportunities. In addition, he placed emphasis on building the incoming student body year over year, which resulted in Western State recently welcoming its strongest academic class.

The establishment of a search committee to help hire the new dean is already underway with a goal to have a new dean hired by July 2023. The committee will include representatives and stakeholders from the Western State community, who will be charged with finding the right candidate to continue the great tradition of inspirational leadership that Western State has known since its founding.

Would you be interested in sharing this news with your readers? We would be happy to schedule an interview where you could speak to Dean Easley about his time at Western State the great position the law school is currently in—with only exciting developments ahead. He can also speak to why now is the time to step aside and let someone else take the lead.

I look forward to working with you to share this news! – Calla

You can view the full announcement here:

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