Latham & Watkins Works With Yale Law School To Lift Diversity Entrants

Latham & Watkins Works With Yale Law School To Lift Diversity Entrants 2

Lifting diverse law students\’ entry to law school has become a key factor in a program that Latham & Watkins operates with Yale Law School.

The Yale Law School Launchpad Scholars Program is designed to ease the access to legal education for members of underrepresented or underserved communities.

Latham & Watkins has numerous programs and partnerships designed to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion both at the firm itself and within the legal profession generally.

The Yale Program is open to all current college students and graduates planning to apply to law school in the fall of 2024, with the goal of matriculating to law school in the fall of 2025.

Students are to be selected based on their potential for academic excellence, leadership promise, engagement with their communities, and demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with individuals from diverse backgrounds and with diverse perspectives, Yale Law School say in a release.

The program is designed to provide participants with application and career readiness support, including substantial LSAT preparation, attorney and law student mentorship, and other resources that will prepare participants to apply to the law schools of their choosing.

Applications for the inaugural program will open in March 2023. Interested applicants are invited to view the schedule of information sessions on the Launchpad Scholars Program website

The program will kick off in August 2023 with a Welcome Summit at the New York office of Latham & Watkins, featuring community-building, career exploration, and leadership development sessions. Each Scholar will be paired with a student mentor from Yale Law School and a lawyer mentor from Latham & Watkins, both of whom will provide support throughout the program. 

Launchpad Scholars will also participate in a comprehensive, cohort-based LSAT preparation program, including classroom instruction, proctored practice tests, individual review sessions, and more.

Student at the program attend monthly sessions led by prominent staff and alumni of Yale Law School designed to prepare them for the law school application process, law school itself, and post-graduation careers. The program will conclude in June 2024 with a weeklong Residential Institute, where students will spend a week at Yale Law School focusing on the law school application process, participating in field trips to legal employers, and engaging with distinguished members of the Yale Law School and Latham & Watkins communities. 

“The Launchpad Scholars Program will meet prospective students where they are, providing the knowledge and skills they need to enroll in law school, thrive while there, and go on to become leaders in their chosen fields,” said Yale Law School Dean Heather K. Gerken. “This program is a critical part of our ongoing commitment to further diversifying the legal profession and making the benefits of a rigorous legal education available to everyone.”

“This groundbreaking pipeline program enables the next generation of law students to engage with lawyers, law firms, legal education and the admission process upfront, empowering students to ultimately create the law school experience of their choice,” said Abid R. Qureshi, Global Chair of Latham & Watkins’ Recruiting Committee.

Since Dean Gerken’s first term, Yale Law School welcomed its six most diverse classes, tripling the number of veterans who matriculate, and nearly doubling the number of first-generation college graduates who enroll at the Law School.

“Without access to academic, professional, financial, and logistical support systems, the challenges of applying to law school can often be too much to overcome, even for the most gifted and motivated students,” said Miriam Ingber ’04, Associate Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid at Yale Law School. “The Launchpad Scholars Program will lead to an expanded pool of qualified applicants that will enhance the intellectual and community life of law schools around the country, including ours.” 

Recognizing that talented students may have differing levels of knowledge about and access to careers in law, Latham & Watkins is committed to leveling the educational playing field for students from historically underrepresented groups and contributing to the careers of aspiring lawyers at the earliest stages of their education.

“We are excited to work with Yale Law School to attract, cultivate, and mentor the next generation of lawyers. We believe drawing from students of all backgrounds will build strong future lawyers, and best enable us to serve the communities in which we live and work,” said Michèle Penzer ’93, Partner, Latham & Watkins.

There is no cost to apply to or participate in the Launchpad Program, which covers the costs of travel, food, and lodging expenses for in-person programming along with the costs of the LSAT program, including registration fees for two test administrations. All Scholars will also receive reimbursement for six law school applications. 

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