Law Tech Company Handling Routine Legal Work Expands to London

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Law Tech Company Handling Routine Legal Work Expands to London

InCloudCounsel, a legal technology company offering a global, end-to-end solution for negotiating and managing routine legal work, is pleased to announce the opening of its first European office in London.

By establishing dedicated operations in Europe, InCloudCounsel is able to bring its best-in-class solution to significantly more companies in the region. This expansion affirms InCloudCounsel’s commitment to delivering a seamless global solution to its large enterprise clients – the company plans to work with all major legal markets in Europe and open an office in Asia-Pacific by the end of the year. This also creates opportunities for highly experienced corporate lawyers who are yearning for a flexible yet steady work arrangement.

“InCloudCounsel provides clients with the confidence that their recurring, yet important, documents and contracts are being thoroughly managed, so their in-house legal teams can focus on other, more complex work,” says Troy Pospisil, founder and CEO of InCloudCounsel. “Many of our clients have expanded, or plan to expand, into Europe, and by opening an office in London, we will be able to provide these clients with an even more accessible network of highly skilled lawyers to manage their high volume legal work.”

London is often considered a business hub of Europe, making it an ideal location for InCloudCounsel’s regional operations. According to Research and Markets’ Legal Services Global Market Report 2017, the U.K. was the largest European legal market in 2016, accounting for about $45 billion or 7 percent of the global market that year. With its new office located in London, InCloudCounsel will be able to provide European companies with a solution to address the pain points caused by routine legal work.

The expansion is led by Bridget Deiters, Managing Director, U.K. at InCloudCounsel. Prior to InCloudCounsel, Bridget practiced corporate and capital markets law at Kirkland & Ellis and Cravath in London. Bridget holds a J.D. from Georgetown and a B.A. from Yale, and she brings extensive international legal experience to InCloudCounsel.

“We are thrilled to have Bridget join the team,” says Pospisil. “Her experience at leading firms in the European legal market, coupled with her curiosity, empathy, and drive, make her the perfect person to lead our London office.”

InCloudCounsel’s expansion into Europe provides top corporate lawyers with the the freedom to build the practice that best fits their lives. InCloudCounsel works with a select group of some of the world’s top solo and independent practice attorneys who possess deep expertise in specific legal document types. The lawyers working with InCloudCounsel hold an average of nearly 14 years of experience, and most have worked at a top law firm.

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About InCloudCounsel 
InCloudCounsel is a legal technology company that combines some of the world’s best corporate attorneys with cloud-based software to offer a scalable, end-to-end solution for negotiating and managing routine legal work. InCloudCounsel has helped some of the world’s leading companies effectively streamline their processes, free up resources, and achieve substantial cost savings.

InCloudCounsel is a legal technology company that helps highly experienced corporate lawyers achieve the freedom to practice law without the geographic or time constraints of traditional law firm employment, giving them the opportunity to pursue other passions in life, from starting a business to traveling the world to starting a family.

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