The Unique Farewell Gift For a Unique Law Dean

Professor Mark Henaghan

Professor Mark HenaghanTom Caine

The most popular law dean in the country – or at least former law dean – Professor Mark Henaghan is to receive a memorable tribute from the students he has cajoled, enjoyed, embraced, celebrated and, most of all, taught in a Facebook-fed tribute that has experienced a tsunami of endorsements and love for the

Former student Andrew Row and Harriet Enright’s Facebook group Seeking Mark Henaghan tributes, has been inundated with heartfelt and humourous, touching and sometimes even traumatic endorsements for a dean who went way beyond the cloistered corridors of his beloved law school to assist, support and help law students throughout the country and the world.

The closed group has over 2200 members and hundreds of posts that are being put together in a form to be delivered to the beloved dean shortly.  We will bring you details on this unique and significant farewell to an equally unique law professor as soon as it is ‘published’.

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