What is “Badass” Danny Trejo Doing in a Law Firm Ad?

What is "Badass" Danny Trejo Doing in a Law Firm Ad? 2

Actor Danny Trejo, 71, has appeared in a rather impressive commercial for LA law firm Bergener Mirejovsky, where the actor pledges his loyalty as a “paid baddass”.

Trejo recently generated support for a restaurant business vandalized by graffiti by “a punk”, as the actor described the vandal but is best known for his tough guy roles in movies like “Con Air”, “Heat” and of course his appearance in cult TV shows like “Breaking Bad” and “Sons of Anarchy”.

“If you need to take down a drug cartel on screen, hire Danny. But if you need to take down an insurance company in real life, hire Bergener Mirejovsky, attorneys licensed in California,” the law firm’s ad says.

It’s one of the better ones, rather like the Super Bowl commercial from Georgia lawyer Jamie Casino, which we’ve put here just for the enjoyment of it all.

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