Lawyer of the Year Sees A Less ‘Kind’ Side to Jacinda Ardern

Lawyer of the Year Sees A Less 'Kind' Side to Jacinda Ardern 2

The harshness of the COVID policies was one reason for the unraveling of New Zealand’s Ardern lovefest

The surprise resignation of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has prompted many expressions of gratitude and appreciation from admirers globally.

Lawyer of the Year Sees A Less 'Kind' Side to Jacinda Ardern 3

However, for LawFuel New Zealand Lawyer of the Year Tudor Clee, who fought to bring mainly pregnant New Zealander’s back to their home country to give birth to their children – including former Al Jazeera journalist Charlotte Bellis (pictured above) – the ‘kindness’ factor grates.

Clee was interviewed by SKY News about the Ardern government’s policies when he described the notion of her kindness as ‘completely ridiculous’.

Clee advised the Children’s Commissioner that the law forbidding re-entry to New Zealand by these women and others was violating the UN rights of a child to identity and citizenship.

One report indicated that 560 arts and entertainment workers, including Covid-infected DJs, were granted special exemptions to enter New Zealand at a time when New Zealanders were forbidden from returning.

Clee noted on LinkedIn that then Covid response Minister and newly-installed Prime Minister Chris Hipkins was able to add pregnancy as as basis for entry into the country, but refused to do so.

He wrote on LinkedIn that he had a ‘novel of emails’ on the topic and his requests to amend the law and obtain justice for those who suffered as a result of the government policy.

“Do you think she should squeeze out an apology to the 200+ pregnant families that were banned returning during covid so she could fly in 64 foreign DJs?”, he said to one Ardern admirer.

“How about the Wahine Maori banned from giving birth on their own land?

“Its ironic that her cruelty in banning such women, then spending $100k taxpayer money enforcing the ban at the High Court (and losing EVERY time), then still not learning was what led to Bellis totally destroying her on the global stage.

“She was outsmarted and never recovered.

“If you would like to apologise to the women permanently physically and psychologically scarred by Jacinda’s DJ first policy on her behalf I am more than happy to assist,” he wrote.

Lawyer of the Year Sees A Less 'Kind' Side to Jacinda Ardern 4

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