5 Reasons Why Lawyers Are Failing With Social Media

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We have written about social media and its various uses before, but sometimes law firms just don’t seeem to want to make social media work for them.

Here are 5 key reasons why lawyers are getting social media just plain wrong.

1. Failing to use it. Okay, its a pain having to update profiles and what seem to be pointless updates all over the web. But you can choose your social media outlets and work them effectively to result in one, key advantage: Visibility online.

If you’re not wanting to have colleagues, clients and associates find you online then what sort of presence will you expect offline? Failure to achieve an effective online presence simply means that you are seen as missing the boat – living in the Jurassic age when doubtless your law firm will be wishing to present itself as a modern, ‘up there’ operation fully conversant with what is going on everywhere.

2. Don’t be Half-Hearted. Being half-hearted about social media.

A poorly executed LinkedIn page, a badly out-of-date Facebook page – these can be worse than having nothing at all. So if you’re going to make a play for social media presence then do it properly. If you’re on Twitter, tweet. If you’re on Facebook, post. But don’t leave a poor impression by being there – but not be there.

3. Speak Up. Say something. Lawyers are not afraid of speaking up on important or even unimportant matters so if you are online, say something. It’s not a question of broadcasting yourself, it’s a question of entering the conversation and engaging with your clients, fans, colleagues. So speak up and engage.social-media-law-firms

4. Educate Your Team. According to an Altimeter Group survey in the US 62% of companies have no social media education program and that percentage is probably higher for law firms.  Using social media to grow your network and build relationships means you are ignoring key business development opportunities by not getting your firm to build its social media presence and educating your team accordingly. 

Remember too that there are plenty of people in your team who have grown up with social media and know about how it works, so use the Gen Y’s to build relationships and network. Engage them, and you can help engage clients and your wider audience.

5. Stand out – in a good way. Whether you like it or not, you are not immune from the impact of social media, so don’t try and ignore it.

It involves not just your team and clients, but also colleagues and the community you want to serve, so rather than relishing your relic status, become an innovator and seize the opportunity to stand out. Remember this key fact, social media adoption by law firm leaders is very low. If you embrace it now you can stand out as an innovator who is up with the play.


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