Key Lead Generation for Lawyers And How You Can Use YouTube To Do The Heavy Lifting

Key Lead Generation for Lawyers And How You Can Use YouTube To Do The Heavy Lifting 2

Lead generation for lawyers and law firms is one of the keys to achieving new business


Lead generation is a tactic that any law firm or lawyer needs to consider when looking at new ways to build their client list. But the use of YouTube is something often overlooked as one of the most powerful lead generation tools out there.

Typically, as we wrote in LawFuel recently, there are a number of ways you can use directories for lead generation, but they are just one of a number of lawyers’ lead generation resources.

Typically lead generation will involve the usual suspects, such as –

  • Good content
  • Website optimization
  • Social media marketing
  • Link building strategies
  • Local business and directory listings

. . and so forth.

But times are changing and while all these tactics and strategies are important, you can use some more modern lead generation tactics.

This thinking outside the square is something that digital marketing strategies reward with good lead generation results for lawyers.

The more interesting and useful the content, the greater the lead generation payoff.

YouTube is an obvious lead generation tool with 4 billion daily users

And to drive the conversation in any of these areas, you have to join the thought leaders. And used properly it has a high ROI which leads many small and large businesses – and law firms – to use the platform to generate leads.

Key Lead Generation for Lawyers And How You Can Use YouTube To Do The Heavy Lifting 3

You need to seek out opportunities to get in front of the target audience you are seeking so that people can focus on that audience to generate the leads you seek.

And one of the best ways to find that focused target audience is LinkedIn.

How to Use YouTube To Gain Leads

YouTube is clearly a major lead source for any business, including lawyers, and there is a powerful resource there to achieve lead generation for lawyers using the platform properly.

How so?

First, go to In the search box, type your main topic or keyword (e.g., “divorce law”). Click the search icon on the right:

Key Lead Generation for Lawyers And How You Can Use YouTube To Do The Heavy Lifting 4

Second: Check popularity. If a YouTube video has generated over 10,000 views, you should really study it.

Key Lead Generation for Lawyers And How You Can Use YouTube To Do The Heavy Lifting 5

Third: Analyze the topic and views that are provided in the comments section. Are you able to leverage what was said in the video and create your own compelling content about divorce law?

Key Lead Generation for Lawyers And How You Can Use YouTube To Do The Heavy Lifting 6

This divorce law video received nearly 6 million views and 21,200 comments.

Marilyn York is a successful Nevada divorce attorney with a team of expert lawyers and was making a Ted Talk, but that doesn’t mean you cannot get great results posting a post on this topic and using it to generate leads for your law firm.

The video is titled ‘What Representing Men in Divorce Taught Me About Fatherhood’ and involves parenting issues based on her divorce work.

But you can come up with similar titles for your divorce law practice like:

‘What Representing Men in DIvorce Taught Me About Women in Divorce’

‘7 Things I Learned From Divorce Cases About Men/Women’

What Dozens of Divorce Cases Taught Me About Divorcing Couples’

And once completed you can contact the video creator to ask for a link to be placed there.

And you can go further by connecting with those who comment on the video bearing in mind that the fact they have commented on the video is more than likely they will also be interested in yours.

Using this leverage will generate more targeted leads and can be applied to various social media platforms and discussion boards.

Add YouTube Cards For Better Lead Generation

Adding YouTube cards is yet another amazing way to help you generate business leads from YouTube.

YouTube cards are interactive cards that you see in many YouTube videos, usually toward the end of the video clip and which permit your law firm to share clickable links throughout the video.YouTube lets you add up to five cards for each video.

Try to focus on adding cards at least halfway or after the halfway mark so that you retain your audience’s attention and not have them leave your video too early and before clicking through to your law firm website.

The cards should link to valuable information (think: ebook, special report, quizz or poll, consultation offer etc) which permits you to increase your activity on the site.

You can think of your YouTube cards as an additional call-to-action (CTA) that you can use to nudge your audience in the direction that you want them to go.

Partner with YouTube Influencers

Key Lead Generation for Lawyers And How You Can Use YouTube To Do The Heavy Lifting 7

Partnering with influences is a great way to boost your reach on YouTube and generate tons of leads for your business or law firm. You need to connect with influencers like Marilyn York so you can grow your leads and your authority.

Research into the impact of influencers in a consumer’s decision-making process shows that 92% of consumers place more trust in an influencer than they do traditional advertisements from brands and while that may not be quite so high for those seeking legal help it is nonetheless a salutary figure that points you in the direction of gaining connections with influencers.

But remember you don’t need to follow or connect with the equivalent of Geraldo Romero to make the most of influencers (Geraldo has around 300 million Instagram followers), but rather someone with a solid audience in your area of interest.

Do some basic research in your industry to find the individuals you can reach out to that can act as your brand advocates. Once you find them, it’s time to reach out to them about a collaboration.

Take a Strategic Approach To Your YouTube Content

You don’t want to release just anything on your channel, so focus on the content that your research shows your audience is looking for. Become a go-to website for key information on your specialist area(s).

While you can upload everything you are doing, you have to find content relevant to what people are searching for. That requires some application and solid-core thinking.

Make your YouTube channel a resource that people use and becomes an important source of information.

Find Out What Your Users Want

You need to write your valuable, targeted content in a way that lets you create YouTube video titles with your audience in mind.

You can find out what your potential clients are looking for by using the Community tab, which requires 1000 subscribers and it may take a week to have the tab unlocked. However the tab can let you share a poll and seek to know what people are actually looking for.

Checking what comments are being made and how many for different posts is also a key giveaway for those interested in a particular area of law that your YouTube channel can use to generate targeted leads.

Use a Thumbnail That Potential Leads Will Click

Optimizing YouTube thumbnails will target the actual content of your video. Focus on your topic and put a thumbnail and text that complements the thumbnail. You need to use the thumbnail to actually speak to your potential clients and make them click the image.

Thumbnails should not be an after thought in your YouTube lead generation strategy but one of the keys that law firms use to achieve higher rankings and more leads.

Conclusion on Achieving Leads Using YouTube

The growth and increasing power of video messaging means you cannot avoid using YouTube if you’re serious about generating good leads that translate into client enquiries. But it requires research and strategic use of the various resources provided by YouTube.

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