Legal Communications Roles at Chief Justice Office Vital To Assist With Increased Judicial Transparency

Legal Communications Roles at Chief Justice Office Vital To Assist With Increased Judicial Transparency

The Ministry of Justice’s new judicial intranet has seen two key roles advertised for communications professionals or lawyers seeking to play a role in assisting in making the judicial system more transparent.

The two communications roles are for writers, either legal writers or otherwise, who can assist in the oversight of the Ministry of Justice’s judicial intranet, ensuring that it not only retains key information about New Zealand cases and law generally, but also clearly explains other events involving the judiciary.

LawFuel’s law jobs and news network has two key Justice communication roles that are expiring on 4 November and which seek both a senior communications adviser and an internal communications adviser.

The roles are permanent positions and are central to the efforts to ensure legal communications both within the Office of the Chief Justice and also for outside communications relating to legal developments is properly handled.

Judicial transparency and the need for effective communication has been an important aspect of the Judiciary with a recent report indicating that the Justice Department is collecting information relating to the makeup of the judiciary in New Zealand to provide a better understanding of its diversity and orientation.

The survey was sent to judges earlier this month and is to gather better information about “the life and work experience of our judges”.

“Questions were asked on broader aspects of diversity – such as disability, sexual orientation, educational backgrounds of parents as an indicator of socio-economic background, and areas of legal practice prior to judicial appointment.

“This will enable us to tell a more accurate and complete story of our current judiciary, which the present information available does not do, and to plan for judicial appointments in the future,” a spokesman for the Office of the Chief Justice said in an RNZ report on the internal survey.

Applicants should apply immediately for these interesting and important communications roles that form a central job in New Zealand’s justice system.

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