Man to Be Charged With Felony Evading in California 22 Freeway High Speed Chase

GARDEN GROVE – On Friday, September 14, 2007, Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys at Ehline Law reported that Orange County police ran down a crazed parolee who had been darting in and out of traffic on the 22 freeway. The police claim that the high-speed car chase ended up with hand to hand fighting right smack dab in the freeway.

The criminals name is Shemed Ari Bayard, 31 years old, from Anaheim. The facts related that he jumped out of his car on the Westbound 22 freeway when he side swiped a car at around 100 mph. This sent the 1991 Toyota Corolla Bayard had been operating, out of control in a spin, according to Garden Grove police Lt. Ben Stauffer. After the impact, Bayard ran through heavy traffic on the westbound portion of the 22 freeway in Orange County. Officers chased him on foot in the dangerous traffic. Bayard was captured in the center divider on the eastbound portion of the 22 freeway in the city of Westminster, according to police. However, the suspect fought back when the officers took him into custody.

The high speed chase started in a residential housing area at or about 7:15 p.m., in Orange County when the police spotted the suspects Toyota Corolla was sporting paper license plates and attempted to stop the suspect for questioning. Bayard ignored the police and jumped onto the westbound 22 freeway at Harbor Boulevard. After a chase, he was taken into police custody in the center of the 22 freeway. The woman driving the car Bayard hit, apparently did not suffer serious injuries according to police and publicly available sources.

Bayard was determined to be well enough medically after being taken to Garden Grove Medical Center. He was transported to to Orange County jail from there. Bayard is being detained in jail on suspicion of felony evading a police officer, as well as parole violations. If you were hurt in this event, you are encouraged to contact an experienced injury lawyer and the police.

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