Mediators Power List: No. 1 Warren Sowerby

No. 1 Warren Sowerby

Continuing his pre-eminent role in New Zealand mediation, Warren Sowerby has over 2000 mediations to his credit and his mediation success has extended well beyond New Zealand, with mediations in Asia, Australia, the UK, US and Russia.

A ‘high stakes’ mediator, Warren Sowerby has developed a practice that has seen him trusted to help resolve some of the most vexed issues any lawyer might face.

Named Mediator of the Year in 2013, he has also worked with the United Nations to discuss how mediation can be used to resolve international disputes, as well as regularly appearing in discussions and panels in respect of mediation issues.

No. 2: Geoff Sharp

Mediators Power List: No. 1 Warren Sowerby

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