Miami DUI Lawyer Choices

Miami DUI Lawyer Choices

Justin Bieber-DUIThe recent case involving pop star Justin Bieber and his arrest on DUI and related offenses brings to the fore issues involving drunk driving and what lawyers you can use in Miami who can best provide a competent and effective defense to those charged with drink driving or similar offenses.

DUI penalties can be serious in Florida with charges relating to leaving the scene of an accident or having committed a third or more offense leading to potentially a 10 year jail term.  You can also face a felony DUI charge.

There are any number of DUI lawyers in Miami or many Miami criminal lawyers who can provide a competent defense and as always you need to ensure you do some checking via not just the Net, but also by asking anyone from former clients, current clients, other lawyers and the local Bar Association.

It certainly pays to ensure you have a lawyer who can provide an effective defense and who has experience in  handling these cases.  DUI law involves a whole raft of potential issues ranging from police misconduct to the conduct of field sobriety tests.  There can be issues with breath and blood testing for DUI offenses and there may also be administrative DMV issues that need to be checked.

If a convictin is entered you may well need to obtain a driver’s license retoration and you need an attorney to appear at a DMV hearing.

Miami DUI Lawyers

Among the leading DUI lawyers in Miami are:

roy-black-lawfuelBlack, Srebnick, Kornspan & Stumpf, P.A.are the firm that Justin Bieber’s attorney Roy Black presides as leading partner.  The firm is a leading criminal defense and civil law trial firm handling a vast range of cases, including many celebrity trials like the Justin Bieber DUI case lately.  Four of the firm’s partners are listed in Florida’s Super Lawyer “Top” list and the firm’s reputation extends well beyond Florida and Miami with a focus and attention that sets it apart.

DeFabio, Beckham & Solis, who have significant experience in handling drunk driving and all related cases.  They also have received Avvo Clients’ Choice awards and have considerable experience generally in the area.

Robert S Reiff has been the only Florida attorney named by Best Lawyers in the DUI / DWI Defense category in 2013 and is the author of texts on drunk driving and related vehicular offenses

Former prosecutor Dennis Gonzalez provides a range of DUI defense work, as well as h andling traffic ticket defense and criminal defense law work.

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