Miami Law Firm Breaks the Marketing Mould

Miami Law Firm Breaks the Marketing Mould

The attorneys at Graham Legal, P.A. are through with doing what’s expected of a law firm when it comes to marketing.

The Miami law firm recently rolled out a new brand, developed as a means of providing a better portrayal of its approach to legal representation. Graham Legal, P.A. enlisted the help of Keenability, a marketing agency based in Boca Raton, Florida, to develop its new brand. Managing partner Dillion Graham admits that the firm’s previous look didn’t resonate with what they stand for.

“Our dedication to empowering our clients wasn’t getting across with the old brand,” Graham said. “With the new brand, people get a better sense of who we are, and who they’ll be working with.”

As it turns out, Graham probably wasn’t wrong. According to Laura Ure, CEO of Keenability, the majority of law firms tend to follow the pack when it comes to marketing. Those in the legal industry typically opt for a marketing strategy that puts emphasis on professionalism, rather than approachability. If you ask Ure, these individuals are marketing themselves in the wrong way.

“There’s a tendency for those in the industry to utilize a look that makes legal brands feel distant, in an effort to project a serious image,” Ure said. “However, we’ve found that most people seeking legal counsel are turned off by this antiquated tactic.”

With a more contemporary, clean and welcoming feel, the firm’s new identity stresses approachability. The brand aims to communicate a clear message that sets the firm apart: our attorneys are relatable. Ideally, this message helps to remove the barrier that typically exists in attorney-client relationships, allowing for more effective legal counsel.

“The legal industry is intimidating enough,” Ure said. “What people want is a firm that they know has their best interest at heart.”

When working to rebrand Graham Legal, P.A., Keenabiltiy’s designers said they sought to balance aspects of the old, elegant look with a more modern feel. In doing so, they kept the original colors when constructing the logo, but adapted the look to convey approachability. The firm also adopted a new logo as part of its rebranding: seeking justice, together. The words further stress the relationship-based approach the firm practices.

The new brand isn’t the only change Graham Legal, P.A. underwent. The firm’s marketing strategy had a major overhaul as well, and Ure advises that others in the industry should follow suit.

“We didn’t just hand over the new logo and call it a day,” Ure said. “We worked with the team to create a completely new marketing strategy, one that incorporates social media engagement, an improved media presence, and regular blog posts.”

It’s clear that the new brand Graham Legal, P.A. is sporting strays from tradition. Graham maintains that the change was a necessary one, and hopes that others in the industry will follow his firm’s lead.

“As attorneys, we all suffer from the ‘stiff and impersonal’ stereotype that’s attached to those in the legal industry,” Graham said. “Through our firm’s rebranding, we were able to turn that stereotype on its head.”

About Graham Legal, P.A.
Graham Legal, P.A. is a consumer oriented law firm that represents individuals against Banks, Insurance Companies and other Wrongdoers. Areas of focus include foreclosure defense and personal injury law. It was founded on the belief that everyone deserves quality legal representation regardless of income, background, or situation. Graham Legal, P.A. seeks to put the power into the hands of people, providing wronged individuals with a fair chance at justice at affordable prices. For more information, visit:

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