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Michael Heron continues to climb the Power List, a wide-ranging set of work focused principally upon his growing go to status for enquiries, reports and arbitration work.

A former partner at Meredith Connell and Russell McVeath, the former solicitor general (2012-2016) has also spread his legal wings further following his resignation from the top government law role in 2005, as we reported in an earlier LawFuel interview.

Developing the online mediation tool CODR, which he has since sold to Immediation, the online mediation platform started by Melbourne barrister Laura Keily he has not only embraced the digital revolution now enveloping the court system and harking back to his initiatives as Solicitor General, but has built a substantial practice in sports law enquiries and major enquiries, including the recent Law Society enquiry into the Society’s workplace culture.

As chairman of Immediation he continues to play a major role in sports law matters, after the services was appointed to run the mediation service on behalf of Sport NZ.

He is judicial officer for New Zealand Rugby and SANZAAR, a National Commissioner for New Zealand Cricket and a member of the International Cricket Council Code of Conduct Commission and Disputes Resolution Committee.

Also active in regulatory litigation and advisory work he has continued to remain a major influence upon various legal practice areas

Exquisitely connected within the legal, business and sports communities, Michael Heron’s impact and influence continues to reign near the top of the Power List. Apart from the culture review of the Law Society, reviews relating to the death of Olympian Olivia Podmore for Cycling NZ and High Performance NZ, working with police over the Mosque shootings in Christchurch, the State Services Commission over budget leaks, reviewing animal welfare issues for the Ministry of Primary Industry, the references to ‘the Heron Report’ continue to mount.

A relaxed and good humoured person who maintains a steadfast interest in pursuing just outcomes via mediation, litigation or advisory work he continues to mentor and assist others in the profession while exploring ways in which to better deliver just outcomes at whatever level parties engage with the legal system.

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