Fired Swansea Manager Laudrup Sought Over Dutch Tax Bill

Fired Swansea Manager Laudrup Sought Over Dutch Tax Bill

Fired Swansee manager Michael Laudrop will receive a handsome payoff after being dumped by his team, but legal issues in Holland prevented him making the journey to see the Swansea City youth team play at The Hague after a former Dutch Club advertised for his whereabouts over an allegedly unpaid tax bill.

The unusual action from the Ajax club requested knowledge about Laudrop’s whereabouts, wanting him to be questioned before a Dutch court over a £2.5million tax dispute.

Michael Laudrup was sacked as manager of Swansea City on Tuesday night after the club’s patience with his lack of leadership finally ended.

The club evidently believed the Dane was no longer capable of inspiring the struggling team.

The legal action relates to a dispute over tax bills that an Amsterdam club Ajax want him to appear in a Dutch court to answer to. The club advertised for Laudrop’s whereabouts, somewhat surprisingly given his high profile former position as head of Swansea

An Ajax spokesman said: “This is the formal procedure for legal action when the ­person involved is not ­living in the ­Netherlands or does not have a ­permanent ­address abroad.

“It is a big debate about gross and net wages, which were paid to Laudrup. We can do ­nothing else but ask the ­players from that time to pay us the money back, which they should have paid to the tax man.’’

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