More Skid Row Police Officers Assaulted Than Past Three Years

November 18, 2008 (by Otto Smyth)

According to reports of Los Angeles personal injury lawyers at Ehline Law Firm PC, the assaults on the Central Division Police officers has risen to 39 this year. This is higher than past years with 12 incidents in 2006 and 28 for 2007.

Violent crime has fallen in the Skid Row area and fell by 24% during 2007, but according to Los Angeles Police Department Chief William Bratton an additional 50 police officers have been added to the area of Skid Row. This not only lowered the crime rate, it also put more officers in the area and Chief Bratton stated they expected an increase in assaults on police officers. He stated that while the crime rate has gone down those criminals that do come into the area are more prone to resist arrest, be more aggressive toward the officers and this can result in the officers being assaulted.

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