Morrison Kent Culture Report Kept Behind Closed Doors

The NZ Herald report that the report into Morrison Kent’s culture, sparked by the newspaper’s own reports, is not to be made public.

The report related to complaints that arose following an incident in 2019, details of which were reported here.

Morrison Kent Culture Report Kept Behind Closed Doors 1

The report is an independent review conducted by barrister Rachel Burt, (left) who specialises in workplace issues, at the end of last year and the beginning of this. It related to the culture issues that were reported here and was another one of the now too-common Christmas party jocularity that went wrong.

Evidently there were complaints by staff that resulted in ‘cultural competency training’, including what the Herald said were ‘sporadic te reo lessons only’.

There were also reports of the firm using the pandemic to remove under performing staff despite accepting half a million dollars in wage subsidy. The firm has confirmed that it has supplied information to MBIE that have satisfied the Ministry as to the propriety of the subsidy claim.

There are, the Herald report, still two of three complaints before the Law Society.

Partner Richard Caughley said the firm had ‘revamped policies in relation to bullying, harassment and discrimination, diversity and inclusion and flexible working to ensure consistency and equity across our business.”

The firm intends ‘evoling’ the business to maintain a great culture and “engaged, happy, healthy people.”

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Morrison Kent Culture Report Kept Behind Closed Doors 2
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