Motorcycle Deaths Have Risen In Los Angeles

January 13, 2009 (by Otto Smyth)

According to reports by motorbike injury lawyers in Los Angeles, a motorcycle accidents rose in the county of Los Angeles.

Reports by the California Highway Patrol the amount of motorcycle accidents and fatalities have risen in the county of Los Angeles to almost double in the past eight years.

According to California Highway Patrol Officer Terry Liu during the past few years the amount of motorcycle accidents with injuries and fatalities have gone up significantly and it is expected during 2009 there will be an increase. Officer Liu also stated the first motorcycle accident, which ended in a fatality, occurred in West Covina on January 7th.

The California Highway Patrol reports their statistics show in Los Angeles County from 2001 through 2006 there were 58 motorcycle related fatalities. During 2007 there were 85 motorcycle fatalities and during the year of 2008 there were 96 motorcycle riders who sustained fatal injuries.

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