New Zealand Supreme Court Delays Justice – Ministry of Justice Cutbacks Felt – Justice Bill Wilson & More at Screaming Lawyer

Screaming Lawyer – The David Gascoigne-lead enquiry into Justice Bill Wilson has interviewed the judge and so we will await the outcome of his deliberations with Australian Justice Murray Gleeson and their recommendations to the Chief Justice. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Justice suffers from ongoing cutbacks and poor morale as staff fight what they see as – let’s say – a lack of justice. Poor pay is one problem, with court registry officials being paid over 9 per cent less than the government median. But a senior MOJ official tells us the sparkling new supreme court has created additional cost-cutting measures in the department. Recently there was the cutting of District Court Judge Henwood’s Te Hurihanga youth offender programme in Hamilton. But budget cuts generally are only going to exacerbate the existing backlogs and time delays that are occurring in the court system.
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