News of the huge success of the Photo Book across Europe

There has been a lot of focus drawn to online photographic services as Pixum, one of the leading photo development specialists in Europe recently celebrated 10 years in their industry, providing an exceptional variety of tailored photo printing and product solutions to meet the demands of a rich and varied target audience.
One of their most popular offerings is a product called the EasyBook. Quite simple it is a photograph album that contains specially chosen images for your very own computer. The difference is that with the Photo Book, you design a specific layout using one of many templates and apply text to your chosen layout and then the images are printed directly onto the pages of a stunning high quality bound book that you can treasure for years to come.
What used to be a rare and very expensive product, offered at an extremely high mark up value by wedding photographers and artist’s photo studios, the Photo Book has been around for a number of years and has graced the book shelves of many couples, individuals and families. The perfect way to produce fashion or modelling portfolios, the Photo Book can now be orders by the individual, saving themselves a small fortune. Definitely the cost effective and secure solution to produce professional looking results at a fraction off the price of an identical photographer created picture album/portfolio.
Focusing on simplicity and offering spectacular results aimed at a broad audience across the four corners of Europe, the development of products such as the photo book means that companies such as Pixum gain the ability to offer cost efficient effective solutions where others may not have similar game plans and resources to apply the same attention to detail, dedication and customer satisfaction as their leading counterparts. With a process that is uncomplicated and so very easy to understand, the Photo Book is a revolutionary way to bring together all your favourite photos and digital images (that you have stored away on your home computer) in a professionally printed and bound photograph album/book.
Simple and easy, an individual can visit the website of their preferred photographic expert, download the specially designed software and beginning creating their very own superbly satisfying and unique book. Having the chance to choose any personal photographs, perhaps from a special occasion, a memorable holiday abroad or photographs charting the birth and development of your children, the possibilities for creating the most bespoke photo book will bring a smile to all who wish to try this fantastic service for their selves.
Easily applying photos to design templates, customers can alter and edit photographs, rotating, cropping and fine-tuning individual images before placing their order. With Photo Books starting at prices that are cheaper than buying particular blank photo albums from shops or stores, they really are a cost effective and hugely popular purchase for well over 2 million happy customers across Europe.
Providing excellent photo services and products to over 2 million customers, Pixum are by far one of the biggest leaders in Photo printing and other photographic applications. The Fotobog (Photo Book in Denmark) is widely enjoyed by so many people and although recently reaching their 10th Birthday, Pixum’s methodologies and products still remain cutting edge and at the forefront of their industry.

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