NZ Bar Association Supports Regulation of Employment Advocates

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New Zealand Bar Association | Ngā Ahorangi Motuhake o te Ture 21 April 2022 

The President-Elect of the New Zealand Bar Association | Ngā Ahorangi Motuhake o te Ture, Maria  Dew QC, has released the following statement in respect of the Government’s recent confirmation  that the “role of employment advocates is something that the Government intends to consider” as  part of a review into the employment dispute resolution system (Newsroom, 12 April 2022).  

The Bar Association supports the Government’s review.  

The Employment Law Institute of New Zealand, which supports employment law professionals  including employment advocates, has a code of conduct for its members and provides a complaints  service for the public.  

The Bar Association believes this approach should be supported through the regulation of  

professional employment advocates who are not presently subject to a regulatory regime. Such  regulation has been created for Immigration Advisers and Private Security Personnel and Private  Investigators to good effect and would help to protect the public and enhance the reputation of the  industry. 

The New Zealand Bar Association | Ngā Ahorangi Motuhake o te Ture is a voluntary organisation for  barristers. The Association’s purposes include the promotion and encouragement of a high standard  of legal representation and advocacy.  


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