NZ Contract Review Tool Released – McCarthyFinch Offers Automated AI Contract Review Tool for SMBs to Improve Productivity

why you must use an attorney in contract law

Upload NDAs, Sales or Purchase Agreements to Accelerate the Contract Review Process

why you must use an attorney in contract law

AUCKLAND, NZ – July 16, 2020 – McCarthyFinch, a leading innovator of legal AI solutions that automate the contract review process, today announced the release of Check This Contract, a contract review tool focused on the most common contracts to improve productivity: non-disclosure, sales and purchase agreements.

Check This Contract instantly redlines contracts and automatically provides users with important legal feedback powered by McCarthyFinch’s authorAI engine, which has reviewed 25,000 contracts, corrected 1.5 million issues and saved users US$21.5 million to date.

“This tool is fantastic! Check this Contract does in minutes what would take most lawyers an hour or more,” said Verity White, founder of Checklist Legal. “There is such a strong focus on readability, ease of use, and making sure the output is user friendly. I am so impressed with the way Check this Contract is approaching the contract review process — this will change the game for negotiations and help to level the playing field between big and small players in a transaction.”

Users simply enter their details, upload a contract as a Microsoft Word or PDF document and receive a marked-up copy of their contract in their email inbox with helpful information in plain English, a risk rating that indicates how important it is to consider each item and suggested actions for consideration.

“When our team of legal engineers was developing Check This Contract, we focused on readability and user friendliness so that small business owners, independent contractors and others with no legal background can use it,” McCarthyFinch CEO and Co-Founder Nick Whitehouse said.

“Our hope is that this AI tool will help users automate contract reviews so they can focus on more strategic projects in order to grow their businesses.”

Check This Contract can execute the following types of automated contract reviews:

 Non-disclosure Agreements
(One-way or mutual)Bill of SaleTerms of SaleService AgreementsConsulting Agreements 
 Supply AgreementsTechnology AgreementsTerms and ConditionsSubscription AgreementsLicensesOther Sales and Supply Agreements

Interested parties can download test contracts before uploading their own contract. These documents have been poorly drafted to highlight Interested parties can download test contracts before uploading their own contract. These documents have been poorly drafted to highlight how Check This Contract assists users. To learn more, visit

About McCarthyFinch

McCarthyFinch delivers innovative AI solutions to automate and improve legal processes for corporate legal departments and law firms. Its contract management software helps legal teams, contract professionals and business users automate contract reviews and approvals, saving time that can be used for higher-value work, improving the contract quality and consistency, and delivering unparalleled productivity. Learn more at McCarthyFinch.comand follow us on Twitterand LinkedIn.

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