NZ Law Jobs – Can You Work Remotely AND More Productively?

7 Ways You Can Work More Effectively at Home – And Avoid Burnout

A recent report in the LawFuel law jobs network blog indicates how you can work productively at home as well as decreasing your risk of burnout.

The report identifies the 7 key ways you can work more efficiently at home – and also enjoy the benefits of not having the workplace stresses that can create burnout.

Recently, the LawFuel jobs network, which distributes NZ law jobs across the jobs, news and social media network operated by LawFUel has also added some key legal jobs in New Zealand including a range of jobs including –

==> A commercial law role with a tech-savvy Wellington boutique law firm

==> Disputes Tribunal roles in Wellington

==> Resource Management Job, Christchurch

==> Senior Legal Counsel Role with the Electricity Authority

Plus the fast growing New Zealand law jobs network is providing details on a range of other key legal roles and graduate programmes with government, local authorities, law firms and in-house counsel opportunities.

The range of New Zealand legal jobs available in the New Zealand market continues to develop, including roles that are allied to the law, such as policy advisory and research positions.

The LawFuel law jobs network continues to provide up-to-date job listings and information for lawyers everywhere, as well as offering an opportunity for employers to list their jobs on the network, reach across the jobs site, news site and LawFuel social media sites.

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