NZ Law Jobs Site – Judging the Judges – Why Won’t The Barristers Come Out From Behind Their Mothers’ Skirts? – Briefcase Blog – John Bowie – Judging the Judges The verdict is in, but can it be sustained? The “Independent’s” bar have cast judgment upon the country’s judges, which is interesting in the same way cocktail tittle tattle can be intriguing despite its often scandalous, unproven content. But, irony of ironies, the “top barristers” who pronounced their judgments upon the bench remain anonymous. These are masked executioners, labeling the Chief Justice Sian Elias as “very erratic,” the President of the Court of Appeal Willy Young as “arrogant, with a high opinion of himself”, Chief High Court Judge Tony Randerson as being in charge of “a shambles”. As for the bench, there’s “Weary Warwick” Gendall, “woolly thinking” Hugh Williams, “intransigent” John Wild, John Priestley is “a little over-excited by himself” while Bruce Robertson is “out of his depth” and Aston Martin driving Rob Chambers is an “intellectual dilettante.”

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