One Lawyer’s Key Healthcare Advice: How to Get and Stay Fit

One Lawyer's Key Healthcare Advice: How to Get and Stay Fit


Maintaining good health is key towards one successful lawyer’s Florida law practice, with the attorney offering some key advice for anyone seeking to develop good personal health and fitness.

Florida personal injury attorney Greg Huber, 45, told the Palm Beach Post some of the tips he had for anyone seeking to maintain health.

One Lawyer's Key Healthcare Advice: How to Get and Stay Fit

High intensity work and high intensity training are important for Greg Huber, a partner in Zele Huber Trial Attorneys, Jupiter.  Achieving a suitable balance between the stresses of work and achieving a healthy lifestyle is part and parcel of making a better lawyer and person.

“Working out is such an important part of my life that if I miss a day, I just don’t feel the same,” Huber said. “I’m very passionate about it and I am a much happier, focused and efficient person when I’m working out regularly. It truly makes me feel energized, strong and confident.”

One Lawyer's Key Healthcare Advice: How to Get and Stay Fit When he started his firm with law parter Greg Zele in 2009 he wanted to have more control over his life, but also some balance to his work schedule.
He has activated a physical fitness aspect to  his daily schedule in order to maintain his health and fitness, as well as easing stress.

“Regularly exercising and living a healthful lifestyle absolutely make me better at my job,” Huber added. “It offers stress management and gives me more energy to be able to zealously represent my clients and handle whatever issues or situations they are confronted with.”

His partner, Zele, agrees: “Greg always makes time to work out and there is no doubt he is a better attorney because of that work/life balance.”

His vigorous fitness schedule and habits over the years — which have included adventure races, Crossfit competitions, 5Ks, and even a spontaneous half marathon.

“I started working out more regularly about seven years ago but my intensity and frequency definitely increased about two years ago when I moved to Crossfit as my primary form of exercise,” Huber added.

“Heart disease runs in my family. I have a 14-year-old daughter, Jade, who I want to watch grow up. Taking precautions, including exercise and a healthful diet, will help me maintain my health.”

Huber’s Tips for Good Health

Avoid eating processed and fast food

Work out using both cardio / conditioning and strength movements

“Just do it”.  Start and stop making excuses

Surround yourself with positive people and see working out as a fun activity

Make fitness a priority – don’t use family and work as excuses

Make your routine part of your schedule so it becomes ingrained

The ‘Huber tips’ are worth taking on board for any attorney, or any person, seeking to retain good health and maintain also their productivity in the office and overall wellness.


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