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Online Legal Media, parent company of,, and, has launched its new website,, to provide an online gateway to the company’s publishing and marketing branches. The new website serves as a central point of access to the Online Legal Media suite of web properties for the general public, attorneys and law firms, and legal industry service providers.

Los Angeles, August 27, 2014

Since was established in 2001, its parent company, Online Legal Media, has grown to encompass several online platforms that now reach over three million visitors in more than 200 countries. With the launch of, the company now has an online platform to combine all its heritage platforms into one convenient location.

The new website provides a convenient, online gateway for visitors to access the company’s legal publishing and legal marketing websites. The Online Legal Media legal news publishing group includes, and; the company’s legal marketing arm is (OLM).

“ helps our constituents better understand the breadth of our business both as a provider of independent legal news for the general public and as a premier online marketing resource for the legal community, “ Online Legal Media CEO Stephen King shared. “As the company has grown, we felt we needed to create a gateway site that would tie all of Online Legal Media’s interests together–and that’s what now does.”

Online Legal Media – Legal News Publishing

Anchoring the Online Legal Media legal news publishing group is, the flagship publication that provides fresh and up-to-date legal news useful to both consumers and attorneys. Since 2001, has grown to become a trusted Google News source and is often cited by mainstream publications. Coverage of legal news topics ranges from emerging issues to more in-depth investigative reporting on ongoing legal issues, including defective drug lawsuits and employment class action lawsuits. is a more recent platform geared to consumers in need of the latest information on class action lawsuit cases that could be of interest to them. Many potential plaintiffs miss out on the possibility of joining a class action and reaping the rewards of compensation, simply because they are uninformed. Additionally, provides news and information specific to asbestos-related diseases as well as asbestos lawsuit news and ongoing asbestos litigation information.

Online Legal Media – Online Legal Marketing

Online Legal Marketing provides legal marketing and advertising opportunities that reach consumers—potential clients–where they’re at: online. OLM marketing strategies for lawyers and law firms serve two purposes–marketing the legal firm and/or attorney(s) to prospective clients, and lead generation from consumers who see themselves in the stories and articles published, suddenly realizing they could benefit from legal representation.

OLM also provides marketing strategies for legal service providers who are looking to connect with attorneys—including targeted advertising options such as weekly newsletter advertising (distributed to over 60,000 attorneys), website banner ads, and case evaluation form advertising that reaches 100’s of attorneys each month.

In addition to lead generation and legal marketing, OLM also provides legal website development, with web design strategies that incorporate SEO best practices, and content development ranging from a one-time interview or press release to ongoing topical coverage.

About Online Legal Media

Online Legal Media owns and operates websites providing information for the general public and the legal community., founded in 2001, is an online legal news publication with over 2.1 million visitors annually and hundreds of thousands of requests for attorney help from its readership. serves as a portal for trial attorneys to network and market their firms to other legal professionals. offers resources for those suffering from asbestos exposure and mesothelioma. Online Legal Media is based in Santa Cruz, California.


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