Why “Breaking Bad’s” Call for Saul Helps Lawyers More Than They Realize

Why "Breaking Bad's" Call for Saul Helps Lawyers More Than They Realize

“Breaking Bad” was good for lawyers – at least for lawyer marketing.   How can any series with a character like Saul (“Better Call Saul”) Goodman be anything other than one that inpires or repels lawyers as to how or why they should market themselves.

The spin-off series from “Breaking Bad”, this week’s Emmy-winning drama, is “Better Call Saul and is set five years before the “Breaking Bad” story.

Played by Bob Odenkirk the series’ explores people with problems so bad they need Saul, but it also unravels the fast-talking, wise-cracking, cynical, ethically-challenged and unflappable Goodman and his law practice.

“I don’t go looking for guilty people to represent,’ Saul says to two prospective clients at the clip’s end. ‘Who needs the aggravation right?’

Nonetheless, the series explores how Saul sets up his strip mall office in Albuquerque and brings all the brim to the show that he introduced in “Breaking Bad”.

The cable network has already renewed the show for a 13-episode second season, months before the highly-anticipated premiere, which is due in February 2015. See the trailer here:

What can Lawyers Learn from Saul?

TV ads?

How good are they? They’re like any TV – from the terrific to the terrible. It depends on the script, the tone and the production used.

Bad taste?

Ambulance chasing has never had a good look and approaching people with brain injuries, cruise liner slips and falls, drunk driving and class actions for lung cancer may appear bad to some, but they’re out there looking for help aren’t they? So provide it, but do so tastefully and professionally.

Whose got the time?

Okay, tv advertising, web work and all the other social media stuff going on takes time and expertise. You don’t have it, right? So buy it in and develop some expertise because it will generate work for your firm.

What to say?

Like any good show, take “Breaking Bad” as a classic case in point, any good content for your website advertising, TV ads or anything else relies on good quality content, well told and well executed. Be authentic, honest and compelling. If you create trust with your audience, you also create work for your firm.

Tacky junk?

Stay away from screaming headlines, terrible fonts, over-blown claims, cringey images and stories. Be true to what you want to be – a good quality lawyer who delivers good quality work.

Leaked Trailer:

Some of the producers’ “Call for Saul” ads:

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