The Oscar Trial

The Oscar Trial

The Oscar Pistorius trial started – late by some 90 minutes due to an absent Africaans translator, with Pistorious arriving looking relatively calm compared to his emotional, previous appearances

Pistorius’s uncle, brother and sister are also in court with him and also present are Ms Steenkamp, including her mother.

News24 reported that three empty water glasses were placed on the judge’s desk in front of the 13 legal brains gathered for Pistorius’s moment of reckoning.

He turned around briefly and spoke to his uncle Arnold and winked and smiled at family members behind him, who included his brother Carl, almost a look-alike of himself.

Steenkamp’s mother June sat behind him to the right, speaking only occasionally, glancing at him at the other side of the courtroom.

The front row of the public gallery was a sea of black. Most of those from the Steenkamp family wore black and only one woman in purple stood out.

People stood to stretch their legs while two policemen guarded the door through which Masipa will enter.

Previous appearances have been delayed by a woman named Annemarie who has parachuted herself in with an attempt to make submissions regarding Pistorius’s mental health.

At 10:45 the lawyers suddenly left the court room and their banks of lever arch files, which customarily means they are about to meet the judge in chambers before the trial starts.

Pistorius came well-prepared for his murder trial. He had a notebook and pen and brought along a little green pillow to sit on in the dock.

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