The Secret Behind the DeGeneres, Oscars “Selfie”

The Secret Behind the DeGeneres, Oscars "Selfie"

Don’t be fooled by Ellen’s selfie, the Twitter-crashing image taken by Oscars host Ellen DeGeneres who took the picture at the famed show, may be as part of a legal contract she or the Oscars have with major Oscar sponsors Samsung.  Why?  Because the selfie was taken with a  Samsung Galaxy Note 3, a device which she whipped out at various stages during the proceedings.

The image not only broke the record of the most retweets, with 1.7 million of them in less than one houjr, but was also favorited by well over 750,000 and crashed Twitter, as well as beating Barack Obama’s selfie record of 778,000.

But it was for a sponsored deal, which indicates that taking pictures in Hollywood is still about money and fame – just as it always has been.

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