Outrank.com and ProfitFuel Garner 8,000 Customers and Counting

Since its founding in 2002, ProfitFuel has grown to serve over 8,000 independent businesses nationwide with outrank.com. Developed by ProfitFuel, Outrank.com is a service that implements proprietary search engine techniques to ensure small business clients appear on the front page of local search engines. This increases clients’ visibility on the internet. In this recovering economic environment, there is more competition for business owners to gain new customers in order to merely survive, let alone be profitable. ProfitFuel and Outrank.com deliver maximum advertising value by guaranteeing clients appear on the front pages of major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

“Achieving front-page ranking is critical to the success of local businesses,” said David Rubin, CEO of ProfitFuel and Outrank.com. “We connect consumers looking for services on the web with small businesses in their area. Affording our clients the potential to convert internet searchers to new customers is invaluable. Traditional advertising campaigns and pay per click programs cannot promise to engage potential customers when they are most likely to pick up the phone and call.”

Appearing in the local and organic sections of search engines is the primary way customers find businesses. ProfitFuel builds optimized websites and creates local search engine listings for clients. This ensures consumers can quickly find their clients’ businesses above competitors. Rubin further explained, “Beyond providing a custom and SEO-rich website, we continuously monitor rankings to drive new business to our clients”.

ProfitFuel and outrank.com test SEO techniques on a large scale, providing an important advantage to customers. This is beneficial when it comes to working within frequently changing search engine algorithms. The company says their “Work for Free” Guarantee and flexible month-to-month agreement are also a large part of what makes them attractive to clients who want to see a high return on their investment. There is no contract and the program is affordable for small business owners.

Outrank.com and ProfitFuel continue to hire and expand to meet the needs of their growing client base. To learn more about career opportunities and openings, visit: http://www.profitfuel.com/jobs/.

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