Paris Cruising Options

It is said that Paris is at its best if you see it from the water front. The serene waters of the River Seine that run through France crossing the beautiful cities of Paris and Normandy offer one of the best cruising experiences in the world. The excursion of the Paris rental barges (location peniches Paris) rental Paris boats and the specific Paris cruises will let you through the most exciting rides you can have. The Paris Cruise makes you see the famous landmarks of Paris such as the Eiffel tower. The longer Paris cruises offer the shore excursions and short trips along the river sides. The occasion specific cruises such as those for wedding receptions Paris, birthdays and honeymoons in Paris are also available on rental basis.

The city of lights looks best from a Paris cruise right from the ports of Paris to the fishing stops in Normandy. You will be able to enjoy Honfleur on the Normandy Coast, Les Andelys, Giverny with Monet’s stone farmhouse and its world famous gardens, or the famous Palace of Versailles on your Paris to Normandy cruise journey. To enjoy your trip to the fullest you can choose from the range of the Paris boats and rental barges available. These include:

Viking River Cruises

The Viking river cruise offers their Travel package from UK. The onboard passengers are normally from Europe, U.k and Us so it is unlikely that you will feel uncomfortable. The travelling package includes off shore excursions. The dress code is informal and there are open seats available for meals. The overall atmosphere is quite casual and you will feel comfortable and relaxed. It is best for a family vacation.

Croisi Europe

Cruise Europe has mostly European passengers on board. The optional travel facility is available. There are fixed seating for the meal and the dress code is casual. The atmosphere is casual again with wine, beer, cocktails as well as lunch and dinner.

Elegant River Cruises

This river cruise offer travel packages form Europe and also offer a special advantage to its privileged customers by offering a VIP Home Departure Service. The shore excursions are part of the journey package. The cruise has mainly UK and US citizens. The casual dressing and open seating arrangements make the journey comfortable and enjoyable.

Avalon Waterways

This Paris cruise allows optional travel with the inclusion of the shore excursions. Cocktails and dinner are served at the boat. The theme within is casual and semi formal as well. This boat is also used for wedding receptions in Paris, for parties and night social gatherings.

Thus you can enjoy the Paris cruise (paris croisiere) on the rental barges and boats depending on the length of your stay and the time you want to spend on the cruise. The cruise have varying options available including the ones that can take you for a 3 night Paris cruise, a four night cruise that ply between Paris and Honmfluer or even a seven night cruise from Paris to Normandy coast.

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