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Since the liberalization of the telecom sector in 1999, Kenyan mobile sector has been witnessing tremendous growth on the back of increasing investments in telecom infrastructure and competition among the telecom operators. These trends coupled with the country’s stable regulatory environment are playing a major role in driving the Kenya’s mobile subscriber base. As per our research, the number of mobile subscribers in Kenya reached around 19.5 Million by 2009 end representing a penetration rate of around 50%; thereby representing huge potential for future growth.
“Emerging Opportunities in African Mobile Market: Focus on Kenya” provides a deep insight into the trends that are currently prevailing in the country’s telecom market including key drivers and technological developments. With the synchronization of all the factors, we have presented a logical analysis of the performance of the country’s mobile industry. We have studied the Kenyan mobile market by categorizing it into two segments: Subscribers and Operators.
Our report gives forecasts on country’s mobile market based on viable mobile industry environment in Kenya including mobile subscribers along with mobile subscribers by operators. The forecasts presented in our research are the sum of various factors like past drivers, challenges, and opportunities for expansion. In this way, our report depicts the most impartial picture of the Kenyan mobile industry that will prove critical for the clients.
Our research also provides comprehensive analysis on
Table of Contents
1 Research Methodology 4
2 African Mobile Industry – Snapshot 5
3 Kenya Mobile Market: Outlook 2013 7
3.1 By Subscribers 9
3.2 By Operators 11
4 Growth drivers 13
4.1 Government Initiatives 13
4.2 Stable Regulatory Environment 13
4.3 Improving Infrastructure 13
4.4 Changing Consumer Behavior 14
4.5 Next Generation Networks 14
4.6 Mobile Banking 15
4.7 Mobile Internet 15
5 Key Players Analysis 16
5.1 Safaricom 16
5.2 Zain 16
5.3 Econet 17
5.4 Orange 17

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