Larry H. Parker Sued for Attorney Malpractice

I grew up on these TV commercials. The guy who was paralyzed, bragging about how the accident attorney got him got 2.1 million. Remember? The personal injury lawyer known for his commercials that advertise “We’ll fight for you,” Larry H. Parker has had a claim filed against him. The suit alleges the Parker law firm failed to investigate a potential legal claim against the state of California.

Riverside Woman Claims That Her Lawyer Screwed up the Case

The claimant is a Riverside woman that was severely injured in a traffic collision in 2011, Selena Burns of Hemet. Burns lawyer, Eric Dubin said that she suffered numerous broken bones, which resulted in her being confined to a wheel chair since the crash. According to the LA Times, Dubin said he believes that Burns will spend the remainder of her life in a wheel chair and said that Parker’s firm made various errors that resulted in Burns having no recourse to be compensated for her injuries.

Failure to Sue the Proper Parties is Alleged

Dubin said that one of these errors was in not investigating a potential claim against the state of California, who maintained the highway and could have been held liable. The lawyer said the statute of limitations has run out to file the claim against the state.

The accident Burns suffered severe injuries occurred in 2011 on the Ramona Expressway in San Jacinto, when a driver lost control of his vehicle, causing a head-on collision. Dubin said the vicinity that the accident occurred was flooded at the time and there have been many crashes since then.

According to Burns’ lawsuit, the Parker law firm did not involve any attorneys in her case. Any work done on her claim was performed by a paralegal and other employees described as “pre-litigation assistant” and “negotiator.

Dubin said that during the time the Parker firm legally represented Burns, Larry Parker or any attorneys in the firm did not perform a legal investigation or did any other work in the case.

According to attorney Ronald Beck in a letter to attorney Dubin and was attached to the lawsuit, Beck said the Parker law firm did nothing wrong and made no errors.

In the commercials, Parker claims he has practiced law for over 30 years and has recovered over $1 billion in settlements for his clients. In the lawsuit, Burns said she fired Parker, after learning that he could only obtain $15,000 from the other driver’s insurance company.

Dubin said it is inexcusable that there was no lawyer working on this case and that they did not seek a potential for a seven figure claim, with Burns being confined to a wheelchair. The attorney said there needs to be accountability. What do you think?

5 thoughts on “Larry H. Parker Sued for Attorney Malpractice”

  1. Nathan Hill CEO CGR

    Yes, can’t believe the commercials anymore, it’s all marketing! Their office definetely drops the ball, first doctor they sent me to in the valley made my nerve damage worse, shocked me with lil electric machine in room by myself, new nerve damage pain now, lousy lawyers from their office don’t listen at all just same statement over and over, 2 weeks later haven’t even notified any insurance company who they are. I will make more suing them for mal-practice than the actual accident, Way to go Larry H Parkers Office 🙂

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