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Retaining her spot on the List, Minter Ellison Rudd Watts’ former long-serving Chair Cathy Quinn retains a role as a key deal makers and firm builder.

Cathy Quinn’s key role in a number of deals including her directorship of Fletchers, Tourism Holdings, the Treasury Advisory Board and her role in the increasingly significant New Zealand China Council  continue to provide the Hawkes Bay doctor’s daughter with a high profile role in New Zealand commercial life.

The growing significance of the Chinese market and Minters’ offices in Beijing and Shanghai ensure that her role with a foot in both the business and legal communities creates a major force in New Zealand business.

Despite having what she describes as “appalling Chinese”, 

“I first went to China during the global financial crisis, probably 2009. I was struck by the sharp contrast to the mood of depression in New Zealand. There is a ‘can do’ positive attitude. It is very dynamic and positive with people wanting to better and improve themselves,” she says.

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