The 5 Dating & Matchmaking Sites That Professionals Need To Use

The 5 Dating & Matchmaking Sites That Professionals Need To Use

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The 5 Dating & Matchmaking Sites That Professionals Need To Use

For young lawyers and other professionals looking for the best dating sites, the choices seem endless. But not all dating sites are created equal and – for professionals seeking the best dating site – there are definite advantages in using some very special websites.  We’ve looked at five of the best dating sites – or types of dating sites –  for professionals.

The choices are in fact more limited than you might think and our correspondent who studies such matters has isolated the six dating or matchmaking sites you need to think about.

Sure, there are dating apps which are fine if you want to spend your day swiping left or right depending on what the algorithm says are the people you should be meeting.

But a busy professional is time poor, not candidate poor.  How much time do you have to ‘swipe’?  Or study profiles, which provide the ability to examine profiles just for you.

No, what you need is a site or a matchmaker who will do the work for you.

Personalized Service.

You need a customised service that will cater for you – not the algorithm that is set up in order to select potential matches.  That means seeking an actual, real matchmaker like “Millionaire Matchmaker”

The 5 Dating & Matchmaking Sites That Professionals Need To UsePatti Stranger (right) or the regional varieties like New Zealand matchmaking queen Rosie Bowie, both of whom interview everyone before making their matches.

Why is that good for professionals?  The benefits are such that the clients and prospective matches alike are both off line.  Matchmakers like these professionals will provide confidentiality, the ability to protect against online hacks, fraud and other threats and – most of all –  achieve successful outcomes.

The 5 Dating & Matchmaking Sites That Professionals Need To UseRosie Bowie’s Matchcompany has marriages and established long-term relationships involving couples who had either never dared go online for dating, or who simply didn’t like the prospect of intruding into the online space.

What else should professionals be using?

eHarmony the algorithm-based eHarmony involves obvious online dating, but they are increasingly also using personal matchmakers to help clients find the right match.   But their detailed algorithm and comprehensive sign-up form ensures the site will help generate genuinely appropriate matches, which is one reason why the site accounts for so many marriages.

But let’s not fool ourselves here. If a foolproof algorithm for dating existed then frankly the whole world would be using it, wouldn’t they?  So there are some claims sites make that we need to take with appropriate salt.

BeLinked.  This is the “LinkedIn-related” dating app like Tinder (sigh) which works from your LinkedIn site rather than Facebook, like Tinder. We know that LinkedIn is comprised of more professionals, give or take, than Facebook and your profile information is what is drawn upon in the app, thus creating a supposedly better standard of potential matches than an app like Tinder.

However, remember that when you complete your LinkedIn profile, you’re not creating a profile for matchmaking or dating purposes, so the “matches” you get through BeLinked are also reasonably hit or miss, but are nevertheless efficient and simple.

Sparkology.  This site is a combination of the app-type and the matchmaker where real people “dig around” your Facebook profile to see if you’re the sort of enlightened, smart, respectful professional person who ‘deserves’ to be on the New York-based dating site.

Plus, you need to be accepted prior to joining.  And the message-giving is limited so that the women recipients know they will be personal and, hopefully, more meaningful.  The site also uses online ‘concierges’ who monitor the site to ensure standards are upheld to a good standard as well as boosting online profiles and helping clients ‘transition’ offline. is mentioned simply by virtue of its size and heft in the dating market.   But there’s another reason for professional users.  It is highly popular with professionals because of its size, with half the users between 30 and 49 and a little over 25 per cent over 50.

All of which means that it is a good site to meet someone over 40, while the monthly membership fee also removes those who aren’t serious about meeting someone of quality.  For busy professionals where time is of the essence and where there is a pool of professionals who are serious about meeting that someone special.


>> In New Zealand and Seeking Someone Special? – Call Matchmaker Rosie Bowie at – New Zealand’s leading matchmaking agency – Making successful matches for 25 years.The 5 Dating & Matchmaking Sites That Professionals Need To Use






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