PST Split Software

Body: Gothenburg, Sweden, September17, 2010 – Till today, a vast majority of users are still work on some older Outlook version (2000 or 2002), which has ANSI PST maximum 2 GB limit, beyond which Outlook gets corrupted. Great news for these users is that they can now prevent approaching corruption with the help of a PST split software solution. Using SysTools Split PST tool, users can split large PST file into smaller parts and hence prevent it from reaching the 2 GB mark, thereby, averting corruption.

About this useful advantage, Evan Swans (Director of Product Development, SysTools Group) joyfully states, “Corruption in email applications is quite a common thing. Considering the plight of users, we, at SysTools Group, keep on creating products to solve these problems. SysTools Split PST software is a tool that can split large PST files into smaller parts and stop it from exceeding the 2 GB maximum storage space. This prevents corruption.”

SysTools Split PST software is a widely used product used to divide PST and break PST file of large size into smaller parts. This PST split software is beneficial for all those users who want to split large PST files into smaller sized PST files in order to prevent corruption that can happen when ANSI PST crosses the 2GB limit mark.

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