Ray Liotta Pleads No Contest to Offer He Couldn’t Refuse in DUI Case

Los Angeles personal injury attorneys report that Ray Liotta pleaded no contest to alcohol and/or drug-related reckless driving. The facts show that he had been involved in a hit and run with two parked cars.

Liotta, a member of the Goodfellas cast, is now sentenced to three years’ probation, must attend AA meetings and drug and alcohol re-education, and pay a fine of $300. Liotta also apparently agreed to a civil offer to compromise whereby he will pay restitution to the vehicle owners damaged on Feb. 17, 2007 by where he lives in Pacific Palisades, California. No personal injuries to any individuals were reported.

An eyewitness reported the accident to 911. Liotta was arrested and booked for DUI and released to bail of $15,000.

Apparently Liotta was under the influence of prescription medication, that was legal. His lawyer said that Liotta is 52-years old and had a sports injury that required pain killers. He must have got drowsy. In all events, he should not have been driving aware he could get drowsy.

Liotta’s attorney Blair Berk also represents Kiefer Sutherland, who has just been sentenced to 48 days in jail due to his recent DUI.

Liotta, holds an Emmy, and played a cartoon character in a Seinfeld Movie. If you are the victim of hit and run, don’t let the insurance company low ball you. Get an experienced personal injury attorney and make them an offer they can’t refuse.

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