Reimagining office space: Norton Rose Fulbright Ottawa inaugurates new location

After months of planning, design and renovation, the Ottawa office of Norton Rose Fulbright Canada has moved to a new location at 99 Bank Street in a space that was created intentionally as a destination experience to connect employees and clients.

The new space reflects our values of quality, unity and integrity, creating an office that brings people together in a streamlined, relaxed, open setting to produce work of the highest calibre, supporting our clients. The design was deliberately chosen to reflect Ottawa’s history with elements such as the wood panelling, a clear homage to the 19th century Ottawa Valley Timber Trade supplying wood products to the British and American markets.

“We are pleased to welcome our employees and clients to a newly designed, modern space that embraces hybrid working. The space has been created as an office destination with clean lines, gathering places, and plenty of natural light. It offers a new approach to teamwork, the exchange of ideas, and an opportunity for our employees to connect as we continue to balance working in the office and from home,” said Pierre-Paul Henrie, Ottawa office Managing Partner.

The new office is located in a Class A building, platinum-certified green, with state-of-the-art load, heating and cooling systems to maximize energy efficiency. The new floorplate is efficient and flexible to promote ease of working, with collaborative spaces and open light-filled offices that include fully adjustable and ergonomic workspaces. The new office seamlessly integrates technology, allowing users to pick up their computers and work in meeting rooms, common gathering areas and casual booths designed for a more relaxed and interactive approach to working. The prime corner offices have been dedicated for all employees to use in collaboration.

The move is an opportunity for the Ottawa office to consolidate operations and employees to a single floor from its current setup on two separate levels, reducing the office footprint by up to 25 per cent to reflect the current hybrid work reality. We have built-in plans to scale up office space to accommodate growth needs. Every aspect of the office design has been chosen deliberately; our artwork has been carefully curated, incorporating Indigenous pieces to reflect that we work on Indigenous land and territory – a clear homage to our history and continued journey toward reconciliation.

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