Brings History to Life: Tours Of Sites to Deepen Writers’ Knowledge of US Past tries to bring many topics to life in creative ways for our writers. Soon, our writers will examine historically significant USA sites to deepen their knowledge of the forces and events which formed America. We hope that this experience will add to the conviction with which our writers can discuss American history.

There are so many fascinating places across the continent associated with either the Revolutionary War or the Civil War. Seeing these locations ‘in the flesh’ has far more impact than merely reading about them. will be taking our writers on a tour of some of these places so important in US history.

Some sites are all but forgotten, whereas the powerful forces operating at the time really should, instead, be remembered. One such example is the Springfield Arsenal, in central Massachusetts, and the monument in South Egremont to Shay’s Rebellion’s last battle in far western Massachusetts.

In the decade after independence, the fledgling republic wallowed in debt, and farmers (many of them Revolutionary veterans), hard-pressed by Old-World style debtor’s prisons, marched across the state to close the courts. The distance is substantial; a full hour and a half by car over a swift, modern highway even today.

What anger motivated those Berkshire farmers and craftsmen to traverse the snowy mountains? Only by seeing the geographic relationship between the various key locales in this conflict can one grasp the immensity of their undertaking and the depth of their outrage. expects that such visits will provide vivid and meaningful insights into the War for Independence and Civil War periods in American history. Our writers will certainly benefit from such enriching exposure to “history alive”. Find out about other efforts to enhance our writers’ skills and background at our website,

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