Is Greening Our E-Waste Disposal: All To Go Properly!

What do you do when a computer gives up the ghost? Of course, you’re tempted take a sledgehammer to it, or toss it from the nearest window, as Neapolitans do with furniture at New Year. Local jurisdictions object! management has been shocked to learn that the per-capita generation of electronic rubbish is up to 15 kilos a person. We plan to take action to reduce that number, for staff, at least, and assure proper disposition of our electronic equipment.

To accomplish this, is taking a more aggressive approach to the green triplet of reduce/reuse/recycle. We are implementing a procedure addressing each machine, the myriad ink and toner cartridges, and the remaining effluvium of a modern office.

To accomplish all this, our calendar shows when and where our community accepts which e-waste for recycling. A prominently posted list reminds us of items that can be re-filled (some cartridges, for example), and who to call. A staff car pool will ferry aged computers to charities that refurbish out-dated equipment. Finally, we are verifying the recyclability of all electronics before purchasing.

It’s all part of our thoughtful approach to business – expressing our commitment to our customers and to our environment in every decision we make. You can find out more regarding our eco-friendly business practices at our website,

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