Reserve The Paris Boat Before You Rent Barge In Paris

When Paris is mentioned usually first thought which comes to peoples mind is that it is beautiful and romantic city. Most of the people think of Eiffel tower, Notre Dame or nice long walk on Seine. When it comes to accommodation in Paris everyone first thinks of hotels and apartments but not many people know that they can stay in Boat rental Paris on Seine. What can be more romantic then to spend your honey moon or holyday as a couple on cozy, private and fully furnished apartments on a boat in Paris? If you travel with group of friends you can rent a bigger boat with couple of bedrooms which can accommodate 8 or 12 people and it can be loads of fun having house on water for temporary home for you and your friends, in Paris.

Boats are moored on the banks of river Seine thru out of Paris so you can choose in which district you want to stay and how close you want to be to your favorite sight seeing place. Taxi, bus or metro are in close distance from most of the boats so you don’t have to worry how to reach rest of the city. From some boats you have only ten minutes drive to Champs Ellysees or from some boats fifteen minutes walk to Notre Dame and in the same time you are close to city and you have private, relaxing and calming atmosphere.

Barge rental Paris are refurbished older barges, from beginning or middle of 20th century, done up to be safe and comfortable apartments. All of them are having at least 1 bathroom, or bathrooms, fully functioning kitchen, bedroom or bedrooms, depends on size which varies, sun decks, air conditioning, internet, phone, washing machines, dish washer, bar, barbecue place, book and DVD collections, office, heating and in some boats extent goes to having its own fire place. All of them are having everything what you need to have, in summer or winter, pleasant and comfortable stay. Sun decks can be beautiful place to have your morning café or breakfast and in the same time you can enjoy panoramic view in a peace of your house boat. If you are not a morning person sunset can be the time which you want to spend on your sun deck admiring the panoramic view.

Rent barge in Paris because prices vary from one boat to another, it depends how big boat is, how luxurious they are and how many people they can accommodate. For rent houseboat in Paris you will need to pay from 200 to 400 euros a night or you can get nice weekly deals from 1300 euros. But when you compare experience of staying in conventional hotel or apartment with experience which you can have with staying on the boat price difference is completely worth of paying.

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