Rhode Island DUI Lawyer Four Questions That You Should Ask a Rhode Island DUI Lawyer


auto crashes and the lawHaving a drink then getting behind the wheels of the car may seem like an unharmful thing to do. Sadly, this can turn your life for the worse. At times, being charged with a DUI case is not solely your fault.

This is because hundreds of charged DUI offenders are innocent. Regardless of what the truth is, hiring a DUI lawyer is highly recommended.

This is because of the seriousness of the penalties and punishment that you have to face once you have been convicted with a DUI charge. Once you have decided to hire a lawyer, it is a must that you take some time taking a look at their experience when it comes to handling cases like yours. If you would like to discover some things about your lawyer, all you need to do is to ask your lawyers some questions.


With that in mind, here are some questions you should ask:


ñ                  Do you specialize in DUI cases?

You will surely want an experienced lawyer to handle your case. The lawyer should have had lots DUI experience in the bag. They should already know how to manage the prosecution, make statements in the court, question your arresting officers, question the validity of the test and a whole lot more.

* How much would be the fee?

While it is true that price should be the least consideration of all, let us also be practical about the fact that you cannot afford all lawyers. Because of this, it is always best that you know how much are the upfront fees.

Looking for the cheapest lawyer is not highly recommended but instead, opt to pay reasonable price for a great value. It is also best that you consult with more than one lawyer. This can allow  you make an informed decision.

ñ                  How will you be able to help me in this case?

There are lots of ways that a DUI lawyer can help you. This may be by proving that the breathalyzer test is inaccurate. It may also be that the arresting officer may have abused some of your rights.

He may also answer that he will try to find witnesses for your case. Keep in mind that there are lots of options for your DUI defense. The lawyer should be able to present all of these to you.

ñ                  What is the best scenario that I can have?

We all wish that the lawyer will be able to help us in the best way he can. However, we cannot also erase the fact that you may lose in this case. When you are found guilty, you will not have to face all charges.

When you are guilty you do not have to plea guilty and lastly, guilt does not mean that all accusations are true. It is best that the lawyer is honest with you as to what you should expect.

If you liked his answer to these questions, then he is the Rhode Island DUI Lawyer to hire.

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