Ron Paul ‘Under-The-Radar’ Strategy To Succeed In Super Tuesdays

LAWFUEL – The Legal & Political Newswire – Ron Paul, the self-confessed “reluctant candidate” for the presidency believes he has an an ‘under-the-radar’ strategy to help succeed in the Super Tuesday election.

In a message to supporters he says he has a hunch he will do very well in the Super Tuesday primaries.

“But, of course, the media and the rest of the establishment refuse to recognize that. It’s the attitude of the small child who covers his eyes to make something scary go away. But we are not going to supporters Ron Paul said he has a hunch he will do very well.”

The Super Tuesday primaries and caucuses are set for February 5. Dr Paul says his huge, grassroots support is his biggest asset and one that will let him compete very well in the elections.

“You all are an asset that no other campaign has: donors, and activists who want no special deals from the government, just the Constitution.”

Dr Paul said his opponents, in their advocacy of greater spending, inflation and taxes, were ‘wet.’ His message went on to explain:

“And we’re committed to winning states. I have little doubt that if we can double our efforts in this coming week, we’re going to grab many delegates from other candidates. Then we’ll start getting ready for the biggest moment of all – the convention in September.

“The path to the convention is twisty, however. When we were in Iowa, we got 10% of the vote. But no delegates were awarded that night. That’s because voters didn’t directly choose national convention delegates; they selected the county and state delegates who will make that decision. And if another candidate like Mike Huckabee is no longer in the race at the time of the state convention in June, his delegates are free to support whomever they want. If we work extra hard, we can convert them into delegates for our campaign!

“A similar thing happened in Nevada. We won 14% of the straw poll vote that the media reported on, but what they didn’t tell you was that we may have gotten up to a third of Nevada’s delegates to their county conventions! I always laughed when I heard some people say Nevada didn’t matter. Nevada chooses more delegates to the national convention than South Carolina.

“So, while the media will focus on the results from Florida, and probably take down the campaign of my friend Rudy in the process, those results are less important to you and me. Let them fight in Florida while we bring our message to Americans in other areas, like the economically hard-hit state of Maine.

We want to win as many delegates to the Republican National Convention as possible, even if other campaigns don’t see some areas of the country as “important. But in this work, I need your help. Help me get many, many delegates to this historic convention, by these three methods.”

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