The Dangers of Deadly Truck Accidents on the Rise in the Port of Long Beach


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Los Angeles truck accident attorneys know all too well that the daily hazards of truck accidents on California roads are more real than you can imagine. Everyday there are accidents on America’s highways and freeways, the larger the city the more crowded the roads and the more tractor-trailers there are on the roadways. This is the case in Long Beach California, where the roads are filled with these rigs and will continue to be this way with an estimated 16,000 truck drivers whose jobs have them traveling to the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports.

They pick their loads up at these ports that are destined to locations all over California and other states these, the traffic at these ports has become busier in the past decade. Filled with tractor-trailer trucks that may be over weight when loaded, using re-tread tires or otherwise unsafe on the highways filled with unsuspecting motorists. To these truck drivers this is their way of life, how they support their families many do not own their own trucks and have little way of knowing what recent maintenance has been done, nor do they have a choice if the tires are new or retreads. These drivers often monitor CB radios in order to avoid the California Highway Patrol who can fine them or take their trucks off the road.

Independent Truckers Present New Challenges

A new problem injury lawyers deal with are the many independent truck operators that pick up their loads at the Long Beach and San Pedro area docks. These are drivers who not all, but some, try to run their trucks as cheaply as possible, this means backyard repairs and retread tires that are out on the highway with loads that may be hundreds of pounds more than what they are allowed by law to carry.

Unsafe is Unsafe Irrespective of Who It Is

Either of these situations can make an unsafe tractor-trailer truck a ticking time bomb in traffic, an over weight truck does not have the capability of stopping as quickly as one that has the proper size load. While no large truck is able to stop as fast as a small light weight auto, one that is over weight has this weight pushing it and the breaks working harder than they should need to and this creates a dangerous situation for other drivers. In some of these situations drivers have been known to use the trailer breaks to stop the entire rig, this creates a very dangerous situation and is illegal.

Risks Many Trucker Will Take To Bay Their Bills

These are risks that trick drivers will often take in order to pay bills and put food on the table, they may have discount mechanics and welders doing work on their rigs, along with getting parts from junkyards instead of purchasing new parts making the safety and reliability of the part unknown.

Long Hauls

Many of the independent truck drivers find work through a broker and work local runs rather than long hauls, these drivers are on the Long Beach roads an average of sixty-five hours a week to make a little over minimum wage, which means there is little to put back into their truck at the end of the week in money or in time making this a danger on the highway that weights thousands of pounds.

Dangers of Tire Carving in California Truck Accidents

The truck drivers in Long Beach know that daily hazards of truck accidents on California roads is significant. At some of these points of pickup before or after a driver has picked up their load as shocking as it sounds they can have tread carved in their tires by men that are called tire men or in Spanish “llanteros.” This enables them to travel the freeways such as the 110 or the 710 with tires that appear legal.

Electric Hot Knives Carve the Tires

This tire carving is done with hot knives that are hand held and normally run on electricity but in this case are hooked to car batteries. This can also be done by a machine and in either case is illegal. The California Traffic Codes clearly state the carving of tires is illegal. When this is done whether by machine or by hand should the steal belts inside of the rubber be cut or damaged it makes the tire certain to blow out and a dangerous situation on the highway.

According to reports Harvey Brodsky who is a spokesman for the Tire Retread and Repair Information Bureau, which is also a non-profit organization has said that this is a terrible situation. If you were seriously injured in a California or Long Beach Truck accident, contact experienced Los Angeles truck accident lawyers at 1-888-400-9721.

Getting a Lawyer

Get a hold of our experienced lawyers from Ehline Law before the statute of limitations expires in your civil case. To speak to a Long Beach truck accident attorney is the best idea.

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