Rules for Setting Up A Neighborhood Law Practice

Rules for Setting Up A Neighborhood Law Practice

We all know that setting up a law practice can be a difficult – even soul-destroying job in some cases. Where to locate, where and how to advertise . . the questions and the demands are many and varied.

Lawyerlist published an article from lawyer Steven Chung, who set up his practice in Highland Park, LA in a bid to avoid long commutes and to “get in on the ground floor of a neighborhood undergoing change.”chung

Among the questions is marketing, for instance, and for tax specialist Chung he needed to get a good handle on that.

The next step is to start marketing your practice by announcing your presence. In my case, I began by meeting the owners of local businesses, tax preparers, and other attorneys in the area. Then, I looked for local business networking groups, such as the chamber of commerce. I attended some of the meetings, went to some of their social events, and talked to the board members and event coordinators.

After speaking with them, I was able to get more information about the neighborhood trends. I got inside information regarding available office space and who to speak with to get deals.

He wrote about his experience with some key tips for lawyers seeking to set up a neighborhood law office anywhere . .

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