Women Lawyers For Movies – But Only With Slim-Fitting Skirts & Illicit Sex

Women Lawyers For Movies - But Only With Slim-Fitting Skirts & Illicit Sex

Writer and feminist Caitlin Moran has raised some hackles and eyebrows with her comments about jobs for women, saying legal jobs are an “exception to the rule” that women should have ‘winsome’ jobs only.


Author, columnist and feminist icon Caitlin Moran says in a Times on Sunday column that female film characters “should not” have jobs that carry status or power, then singles out lawyers as the only exception to the rule that on television and film, women should occupy “winsome jobs”.

The reason for the caveat regarding women, says the co-author of the UK TV show “Raised by Wolves” is explained thus –

Women on film can be lawyers — working hard, changing the world — but only on the understanding that the main reason for being a female lawyer is to wear very tight, expensive pencil skirts, drink coffee and have hot, illicit sex with a handsome rival lawyer in a room full of files. And not being older than 36.

Ms Moran is writing regarding Hillary Clinton’s role in US politics, saying her story ‘confused us’.

Blaming the way movies portray women in work who work by doing “something lovely”.

The womens’ job would therefore include yoga teachers, PAs, wedding organizers, cake shop owners and the like.



The caveat to the women-in-law role is something that the women struggling for gender equality in the legal profession might well take issue with so far as Ms Moran’s views are concerned.

But when you consider the women-in-law roles such as Reese Witherspoon (Legally Blonde), Demi Moore (A Few Good Men), Alicia Florick (The Good Wife), Lucy Liu (Ally McBeal) and others may or may  not fit Ms Moran’s criteria, but Hillary Clinton most assuredly does not.

Her story remains untold, she writes.

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