Russell McVeagh Takes a Lead On Women-in-Law With 3 Key Points For Junior Woman Lawyers

Allison Arthur-Young Russell McVeagh

Russell McVeagh is putting its best womens’ feet forward with International Women’s Day and having the firm’s newly appointed woman Chair, Allison Arthur-Young speak to the firm’s breakfast club, their network of junior women lawyers.

It’s as if the crisis of three years ago never happened – or because of it that the event and their new Chair has happened.

Ms Arthur-Young, appointed to her firm leadership role a couple of weeks ago, spoke about her own career and the challenges facing junior women, including – according to the firm’s LinkedIn post – ‘confidence, imposter syndrome, the importance of being true to yourself and backyourself’.

Her three key points –

  1. Stop apologising. “Not only is it your job to communicate, it’s a manager’s job to communicate back. What reason do you have to say sorry before you’ve even started talking?”

2. The power of ‘Yet’. “Any time you doubt yourself or your abilities when you’re doing something new, add the word ‘yet’ to the end (eg “I haven’t run a client presentation…yet”). It’s an approach which acknowledges you’re still learning. No one is expected to be amazing at something they haven’t done before, but with practice comes skill and experience. It also helps encourage a growth mindset.”

3. Know your own strengths. “Have something to offer. Make sure you know what your skills and strengths are, and have confidence in that.

You can’t say Russell McVeagh aren’t giving it their best shot.

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